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How It Works


1. We will assist you in determining which plan is right for your business. We are always happy to meet with you to discuss your individual business, and initial consultations are always FREE!

2. Once signed up, you will receive an appropriate number of 10 gallon collection bins and lids for your food scraps. Each bin is lined with a compostable liner which is replaced at every pick up to keep things clean and to minimize odors.

3. 1-3 times per week, depending on your plan, we will collect your food scraps for composting.

Business Why

Why Participate?


Green Branding

Green Branding

Your customers care about where their food comes from. They also care about where it goes. When you become part of our composting network, your logo is displayed on our website and we will promote your business through our social media. You will receive a free TFC window decal, and you will be free to use our logo on any advertising or other materials that you wish.

It’s Easy and Affordable

It’s Easy and Affordable

Our knowledgable staff will work with you to ensure your transition to zero-food-waste is smooth and easy. We are happy to help educate your team about our composting and collection process, and we will do everything we can to fit our service to your business needs.

Waste Less, Save More

Waste Less, Save More

The industry average for restaurant food waste is 0.5lbs/plate. Choosing to compost your food waste will eliminate your restaurant or business’s food from being send to the landfill, and therefore has the potential to reduce your garbage collection fees.

Commercial Pricing



All plans include:

-Compostable bin liners exchanged at every pick up
-Free staff training
-Free TFC window decal
-Your logo on our website
-Your business promoted on our social media outlets
-Use of TFC logo on your materials


$49 / Month

1 Pick Up Per Week

1-4 Ten Gallon Bins w/Lids

Total Weekly Volume: 10-40gal

Small Restaurant

$89 / Month

2 Pick Ups Per Week

1-4 Ten Gallon Bins w/Lids

Total Weekly Volume: 20-80gal

Large Restaurant/ Business

$129 / Month

3 Pick Ups Per Week

1-4 Ten Gallon Bins w/Lids

Total Weekly Volume: 30-120gal


$15 / Month

1 Pick Up Per Week

1 Five Gallon Bucket w/Lid

Total Weekly Volume: 5gal

None of these plans fit your business? No problem! Let us know and we will put together a custom plan just for you!