Why #SaveTheScraps?
10 Jan 2017

Why #SaveTheScraps?

10 Jan 2017

First a little context: what’s #SaveTheScraps all about? This year, the Natural Resource Defense Council partnered with the Ad Council to launch the Save The Food marketing campaign. This campaign brings awareness to our national and global issues of food waste from economic, social, and environmental perspectives. We decided to launch a little offshoot marketing campaign of our own, #SaveTheScraps, to specifically address post consumer food waste (aka the food waste that makes it to the curb in our green buckets). Keep an eye out for #SaveTheScraps around Durango in the coming months!

But in the meantime, why should you #SaveTheScraps?

  1. Fight Climate Change!
    When food or any organic material decomposes in an anaerobic (oxygen-less) environment such as a landfill, it produces methane gas and, under the right circumstances, even nitrous oxide (yes, laughing gas). Methane is 86 times more potent than CO2 over a 100 year lifespan, and nitrous oxide is 300 times! Aerobic decomposition of food scraps (composting) does produce CO2, but because this CO2 is part of a short-term carbon cycle (CO2 goes into growing plant, then comes out during composting), it is not included in greenhouse gas emission computations.
  2. Complete the Nutrient Loop
    In agriculture, nutrients leave the soil and go into our food. When we compost our food scraps and apply that compost to agricultural land, those food nutrients return to the soil, thus completing the loop. Our soil stays healthy and our crops stay happy.
  3. Reduce Erosion and Improve Soil Health
    Compost on soil has been shown to increase water uptake of the soil, thus reducing runoff and erosion. Compost also increases the organic matter of the soil, which is an indicator of healthy soil.
  4. Support Local Economy
    Table to Farm Compost is a locally owned business striving to make composting clean, convenient, and affordable for Durango residents and businesses. For every dollar that is spent supporting local business, nearly $0.50 is recirculated back into the community. For every dollar spent at a chain store, only $0.15 makes it back. We at Table to Farm Compost also practice what we preach. We support the local economy by buying our supplies from locally owned businesses whenever possible.
  5. Get Free Compost!
    All of compost that we make from our customers’ food scraps is either returned to our customers for free or donated to local school and community gardens.

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