Household Composting

Household Composting

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How It Works

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What Composts

What Composts

• Vegetable scraps (greens, roots, and unused parts)

• Fruit scraps (peels, rinds, seeds)

• Eggshells

• Coffee grounds and teabags

• Wood ash (not charcoal) and sawdust

What Doesn’t Compost

• Meat or dairy products

• Animal fat or grease

• Bones

• Plastic

• Rubber

• Metal

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Glass Recycling

Glass Collection

Current customers wishing to add glass to their subscription should request so by emailing!

Service Area

Our Service Area

Our service area includes everything within Durango City Limits (including Three Springs) and Durango West 2 (inside subdivison only!)

Live outside the city?

We might be expanding to an area near you! Add your name to the list to help us gauge interest outside of the city!

Referral Program

Get Friends, Get Money!

Recruit your friends, family, and co-workers to become Table to Farm Compost customers, and we’ll credit $5 to your account. Just be sure they mention your name in the “How did you hear about us” section of the sign up form!